Title 書名: 奇妙的旅程 (An Amazing Journey)

Version 版本: 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)


  • A true children's book: A story told by a toddler 真正的兒童圖書:幼兒創作的故事
  • Chinese picture book 中文兒童繪本 (The bilingual version of this book is published on Amazon. For details, please read: https://www.daudingism.com/post/an-amazing-journey)
  • Written and illustrated by the child author and her mom 圖文均由兒童作者和媽媽創作
  • Story behind the story, recordings, and more resources are available on www.DauDingism.com 故事背後的故事、錄音或其他資源都在網站
  • Format 格式: PDF


This 34-month-old storyteller would like to go on an amazing journey with you and her main character! A little child who thinks she is big enough to explore the world. What will she see? What will happen to her? Open the book and be ready to be amazed! 34個月大的小作者邀請你一起展開奇妙的旅程!故事主角是一個小孩,小孩覺得她已經長大了,要去探索世界。她會遇見什麼?有什麼事會發生?打開這本書,預備遇見各種奇妙事吧!


瘟情中創作的一個故事 A Story Created During COVID-19

Abrielle told this story to her mom Cindy during the shelter in place amid the uneasy COVID-19 pandemic. You may notice some anxiety in the story. Cindy tries to keep Abrielle's original story as much as possible, but she has also created some companions for the main character to offer some comfort. 邇蓁講這個故事的時候正是COVID-19瘟疫時,或許你也會留意到故事中的主角有些不安。邇蓁的媽媽盡量保留了邇蓁原本的版本,不過,也為主角創造了一些同伴,希望能給邇蓁或讀者帶來一些安慰。


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