Tangram Puzzles for the Twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals 十二生肖七巧板

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

My toddler is into her new toy, tangram (七巧板), gifted by her aunt. She was happily creating things with the seven pieces (tans) and kindly invited me to watch her. 我的女兒最近非常喜歡她姨姨送她的七巧板,喜歡用七塊形狀拼這拼那,還邀請我觀看!

I had a lot of fun playing with tangram too! I googled, modified some tangram puzzles, and compiled this tangram puzzle collection of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals. Aren't they cute? 我自己也玩得開心!我搜查了一下,改動了一下,拼出了下面十二生肖。很可愛吧?

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Rat 鼠

Ox 牛

Tiger 虎

Rabbit 兔

Dragon 龍 / 龙

Snake 蛇

Horse 馬 / 马

Goat 羊

Monkey 猴

Rooster 雞 / 鸡

Dog 狗

Pig 豬 / 猪

You may print the tangram puzzle on cardstock paper with the following file: 你也可以打印下面的檔案,用卡紙製作七巧板。

Tangrams on Page
Download PDF • 77KB

Have fun! 祝你玩得開心~

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