Tangram Puzzles for the Twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals

Updated: Apr 4

My toddler is into her new toy, tangram (七巧板), gifted by her aunt. She was happily creating things with the seven pieces (tans) and kindly invited me to watch her. When I asked if I could play together, she refused. So, I printed tangrams on construction paper and started making Chinese characters and animals. It was not easy to make them look beautiful, but I had a lot of fun.

Finally, I googled, modified some tangram puzzles, and compiled this tangram puzzle collection of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals. Hope you like them!


Ox 牛


Rabbit 兔

Dragon龍 / 龙

Snake 蛇

Horse 馬 / 马

Goat 羊

Monkey 猴

Rooster 雞 / 鸡

Dog 狗

Pig 豬 / 猪

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