Mid-Autumn Festival Fun 一起過中秋!

Updated: Mar 4

The Mid-Autumn Festival has always been a fun festival to me. I love mooncakes and lanterns and candles. My sister knew me well and bought Abrielle a lantern when she was a baby! 對我來說,中秋節是個有趣的節日。我尤喜歡月餅、燈籠和蠟燭。我的妹妹非常明白我的心意,在蓁蓁還是小寶寶的時候,就送她燈籠!

Baby and Lantern 寶寶與燈籠

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Now that A is older, here are some activities we have tried (or will do) this Moon Festival: 現在女兒長大了一點,這是這個中秋我們已做(或將會做)的事:

  • Learn about the Mid-Autumn Festival 了解中秋節

  • Read stories about the moon 看月亮有關的故事

  • Make some lanterns 做燈籠

  • Make playdough mooncakes 做黏土月餅

  • Make real mooncakes 吃月餅、做月餅

  • Admire the moon 賞月

  • Watch a movie 看電影

  • Make our own Mid-Autumn booklet 做中秋小書

  • Make a Reunion Dinner Picture 製作團圓飯圖

  • Play Mid-Autumn Bingo 玩中秋賓果遊戲

Learn about the Mid-Autumn Festival 了解中秋節

To help A understand the festival better with authentic photographs of people celebrating the festival, I have created a bilingual non-fiction reader for A. We received our paperback today! And I am so glad that A is starting to tell us about the festival!

Read stories about the moon 看月亮有關的故事

Here are some moon-related stories that we like: 以下是我們喜歡的月亮故事:

We don't have any Chinese story books about the Mid-Autumn Festival yet. It is too late for us to buy this year. Here are some good books recommended by