Make Your Own Chinese Lion Dance Puppet

I love the lion dance! When I was a kid, during Lunar New Year lion dancers would visit different apartments and dance with the loud music of cymbals, drums, and gongs. People believed this would bring them good luck in the new year. I like the music, positivity and the high spirit. I also like the bright colors of the lions!

I have been reading with my two-year-old daughter about Lunar New Year. She did not like the lion dance when she first saw it on a book. Then, we watched a video. We both think the yellow lions are cute! However, my girl said she is not ready for a live lion dance show yet – it is too loud, she said.

So today, we have decided to make our own lions and do our dances! It’s easy – what you need is paper bags, glue, and some paper!

Are you ready?

Step 1: Lift up the “bottom” of the paper bag. Some people fold the corners to make the mouth a little round - this folding step is optional.

Step 2: After lifting up the flap, you may decorate the mouth. We tear red paper into pieces and stick them onto the mouth with glue.

Step 3: Add teeth.

Step 4: Decorate the face and the body. These eyes, eyebrows, and nose will make your puppet look like the real dance lion! The rest is for you to design.

My two-year-old only wants the eyes. Still awesome!


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