Flexible Daily Routines for Toddlers and Preschoolers (in Chinese and English) 給幼兒的靈活生活日程(中英對照)

I have finally finished my graduation project! It was not easy juggling my daughter's needs, chores, and schoolwork. Our family does not have a fixed schedule, as my husband and I, both teachers, usually have to amend our schedules for our students. At the beginning of the pandemic, I created a schedule with two sets of day—teaching days and non-teaching days. My 2.5-year-old immediately learned how to read the table, symbols, and time. However, it did not work well when we changed our plans too often. Now, summer has come, and I have finished all school work, and my daughter has been asking to learn new skills, so I have created a new flexible Chiense and English schedule for us (you should also check out Chalk Academy for visual schedule charts and her printables—Betty has a visual daily routine chart in English, Chinese, Korean)! 我終於完成我的畢業大功課了!要照顧女兒的需要,又要做家務,又要顧及學業,一點也不容易... 疫情開始的時候,我為兩歲半的女兒製訂了一個日程表,分教學日和非教學日,女兒很快就學會看表格、符號和時間,但是由於我們因為學生而常常變掛,日程表漸漸起不了作用。現在,暑假到來,我又完成課程,女兒又開始學習新技能,所以昨晚我就製作了這個中英語彈性時間表了(Chalk Academy也有時間表分享,Betty的日程表有中、英、韓語呢)!

What a fruitful day! 充實的一天!

How does it work? 如何運作?

We have one wall for routine cards (活動咭) and another wall for our schedule (see images above). It might be good to teach the concept of scheduling with all cards stuck on the same wall, so your children understand what to expect. Since our toddler is familiar with our old schedule (e.g., knowing when to rest and eat), we are using two walls now, providing her with options on one wall and putting up what she does when the day progresses. In this way, she knows what to expect and is able to practice some independence. 我把活動咭貼在一邊牆,另一邊牆用作時間表(見上面的照片)。由於女兒已經熟悉時間表的概念,又清楚一日大致的流程(什麼時候休息、吃東西),所以我直接分兩邊牆。如果小朋友初次使用這個彈性時間表,監護人最好把日程都貼在一面腦,和他們一同體驗最少一兩天,了解時間表是什麼。我把活動咭貼在一邊讓女兒選擇,讓她心裡有數,知道大概當天有什麼活動,另一方面,選擇的過程令她有一點自主性。

Our Schedule Wall in the Middle of the Day 中午時的日程牆

Routine card wall 活動咭牆

I have put the phrases in Written Chinese (the Pinyin is for me) and English to increase print exposure. 活動咭上有中文書面語和英文(普通話拼音是給我看的~),以增加女兒接觸文字的機會。

I also printed our heads so my daughter knows when Daddy/Mommy is working and when we are doing things together. 我還打印了我們的頭像,讓女兒知道爸媽什麼時間工作,我們什麼時候一起活動。

What is everyone doing now?

It is fun! When my daughter saw the walls this morning, she was excited and kept asking me how to play! 這很好玩!女兒早上見到這些咭,興奮地問如何玩~

Design 設計

I have created my cards with icons since she already has the real-life experience and knows what these activities are. Plus, she is developing her symbolic literacy! She is noticing the use of symbols in our lives and making wonderful, sensible guesses all the time! Here is the pdf file of our cards, if you are interested. 由於女兒已經非常了解這些活動,所以我以標誌去表示活動,再且現階段她對如何解讀抽象的標誌深感興趣呢!下面是我的咭的pdf檔案,歡迎使用。

Routine Cards
Download PDF • 531KB

You may have noticed that I have "reading and writing" (讀寫). My daughter asks to learn to write every day now. She is doing tracing activities. This "reading and writing" is "literacy"—learning to recognize letters, words, or numbers and trying to write (may not be with a pen). I also have "book time" instead of "story time" since we are reading non-fictions, too. "Screen time" is also added even though we are a limited screen time family, but I have found screen time is one way to help us explore and feel connected to the rest of the world during shelter-in-place—in addition to social video chats. 活動咭中有「讀寫」(reading and writing),其實是literacy的意思,包括認字、學寫字等。另外,我使用「看書」(book time),而不是「故事時間」(story time),因為我們也看非故事類書籍。平時我們不多看電視,但疫情隔離期間,除了網上聊天,螢幕幫助我們了解和接觸世界。

I try not to include subject titles such as Math, history, or Science as my 2.75-year-old daughter does not know these concepts yet—she would not be able to pick the cards. At the moment, she is interested in exploring the world as a whole! 我沒有細分科目名稱,因為2·75歲的女兒還沒有這些概念,寫出來她也不知道該怎麼選這些咭。況且,目前她是對整個世界感興趣呢!

I also use both uppercase and lowercase letters, because she knows both, and the mix can be fun practice for her. 我使用了英文大小寫,因為女兒已經學會,混合在一起認字的話會很好玩!

〖圖示來源〗Black and White Icons from www.flaticon.com:

Materials 材料

I printed the cards in black and white, laminate my cards with contact paper, and put them up using reusable putty tabs. 我的咭紙以黑白打印,用透明防水膠紙「過膠」,最後以可重用黏土貼貼在牆上。 (Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links below 聲明:下面是行銷推廣連結)

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