Fall(Autumn) Activities for Chinese & English Learning 中英語秋天活動

Updated: Nov 10

Here are some activities that we are doing this fall. Of course, we read about fall too! Will share Chinese and English books we like in the next post. 這是我們今年的秋天活動~當然,我們也看書,下一篇文章我會分享我們喜愛的中英語書籍

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Mandarin Kid Song: Autumn is Here

Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese lyrics with Pinyin and Zhuyin can be found here: 繁簡歌詞(附拼音、注音)在此:

秋天來了(繁簡歌詞) - Mandarin Seeds
Download PDF • 641KB

Just note that there are different ways of saying "orange" and "brown". 注意:橘色和咖啡色有不同的名字。




Leaf Matching Game

We printed Crayola's Leaf Matching Game and colored and cut the leaves for the above song. You can also pick real fallen leaves and have your kids match them. Put them in a pile! Kids love playing with piles of leaves. When your kids jump in the leaf pile, you may also sing the Autumn Song (see below). 我們把Crayola的葉子配對遊戲塗上顏色,又剪出來,作為上面歌曲的道具。你也可以撿真的落葉,讓小孩配配看。把樹葉堆在一起!小孩喜歡在樹葉堆中玩~當小孩在葉堆中跳的時候,大家可以一起唱秋天歌(見下文)。

Younger kids find it easier to color with creamy crayons, washable paints, or dot markers. It takes patience and effort to color a large area with regular crayons, colored pencils, or markers. (I haven't found a brand of dot markers that I really like yet. I am filling up my own dot marker bottles with washable paints.) 水彩潤滑蠟筆、可清洗兒童顏料或點點畫筆,對小小孩來說會比較容易。用普通蠟筆、木顏色或水筆塗色需要耐心和努力,絕不簡單啊!(我還沒有找到喜愛的點點畫筆,我是自己用顏料填點點畫筆瓶的。)


English Kid Song: Orange, Yellow, Red, and Brown


English Kid Song: Autumn Song

This is the song you can sing when your kids jump in leaves. 當小孩在樹葉堆中跳的時候,你們可以唱這首歌啊!

Lyrics 歌詞:

Autumn Song
Download PDF • 56KB

Scavenger Hunts 尋寶遊戲

Some activities might not seem language-oriented, but you can watch a video or read a book about the subject and use vocabulary or phrases from the video/book to consolidate language learning! 有些活動看似跟學習語文無關,但大家可以看相關的影片或書,再用裡面的詞語或短句,這樣可以鞏固所學啊!

Kite Making 製作風箏

Source: 廣林浸信會呂郭碧鳳幼稚園 2017-2018 探索活動報告

First, have children guess what materials can be used to make kites. Paper, book, ball, or leaf? Then, have them blow the objects and see what move. 首兒,讓小孩猜猜有什麼材料適合做風箏。紙張、書本、球,還是樹葉?然後,讓他們吹吹那些物品,看看哪些會動。

Finally, make a kite with a material they like! 最後,選一種喜愛的材料做風箏吧!

影片:如何製作室內風箏(廣東話,附英文字幕)by 怪師教室

Video: How to Make an Indoor Kite (Cantonese with English Subtitles)

Video: Let's Make a Kite (English) by SciShow Kids


Fall Leaves Art 秋葉畫

We love the colors of fall. Just pick up leaves, paint and stamp. My daughter even glued real leaves onto the picture. I love it!

Kids may like to work on large pieces of paper sometimes. 小孩有時候喜歡用大紙張創作。

Pumpkin Carving 雕刻南瓜燈

What can young kids do when we carve the pumpkin? See the next two activities. 我們雕刻南瓜的時候,小孩可以做什麼?請看下兩項活動。

Pumpkin Seeds Roasting 烤南瓜籽

After you take out the strings and seeds from the pumpkin, have your children separate the seeds from the strings and wash them. Pat them dry and put in the oven. We baked ours at 400*F for about 18 minutes. But the time largely depends on how many seeds you have. Some people like to boil the seeds before they bake them, but we didn't. 把南瓜種子和囊絲取出後,可以給小孩把南瓜子和囊絲分開,然後洗淨。抹乾後放入烤箱。我們家400*F烤了18分鐘,不過南瓜子數目直接影響時間長短。有些人烤南瓜子前會煮一下,但我們家今次沒有。

Pumpkin Decorating 裝飾南瓜

Apart from preparing roasted pumpkin seeds, children can decorate pumpkins. In the picture below, Dear Daughter only painted her pumpkin, but she claimed she will continue to work on it later. Nice! 除了預備南瓜子,小孩還可以裝飾南瓜。圖中,女兒的南瓜只是上了色,不過她聲稱以後還會加點什麼東西,我隨她自由創作~~~

Do you have other interesting fall activities? Feel free to share with us! 你們做了些什麼有趣的秋天活動嗎?歡迎與我們分享啊!

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