Easy-to-Make, Easy-to-Mold DIY Play Dough 易製、易搓自製黏土

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

My daughter easily spends one or two hours playing with our homemade play dough. She helps making the play dough, too. 我的女兒玩我們這個自家製黏土一玩就一、兩個小時。她甚至幫忙製作這個黏土~

Making Our Play Dough 製作黏土中~

We started to make our own play dough when we made play dough mooncake during the Mid-Autumn Festival. We used mooncake molds and felt safer and more hygienic to use edible ingredients in the kitchen (although we did wash our tools). 我們從中秋節起就自製黏土,因為我們使用月餅模,我覺得使用能食用的黏土會比較安坐、衛生(雖然我們會洗工具啦~)。

Unexpectedly, we have fallen in love with homemade play dough ever since, because: 想不到,我們從此愛上自家製黏土,因為:

1) we know what is inside our play dough; 我們清楚知道黏土的成分;

2) we can bake it in our oven, feeling clean; 把黏土放進焗爐(烤箱)裡不會覺得髒;

3) it does not smell like the store-bought ones; 商店買來的黏土難聞。。。

4) my daughter and her friends prefer our own malleable play dough over the manufactured play dough! 女兒和朋友都更喜歡我們的軟軟自家製黏土,不玩工業製作的黏土呢!

So here it is—our no-cook, no-mess, easy-to-make, and easy-to-mold recipe!!!! 登登登登!這是我們不用煮、不會髒、容易製作、容易玩的黏土配方!

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Materials 材料

2 cups of all-purpose flour 中筋麵粉2杯

1/2 cup of salt 半杯鹽

2 tablespoons of cream of tartar 塔塔粉2湯匙

2 tablespoons of cooking oil 食用油2湯匙

1 and 1/2 cup of boiling water 1杯半沸水

food coloring [check package for amount] (optional: for colors) 食用色素〔請看包裝上寫的使用分量〕(上色之用;非必須)

8 to 10 drops of essential oil (optional: for scent) 精油8至10滴(提供香味;非必須)

glitter/sand (optional: for texture) 閃粉/沙(提供不同的質感;非必須)

We are still using the powdered food colors we bought earlier. Do you like the colors it creates? 我們還在用之前買的粉狀食用色素。你們喜歡這些顏色嗎?

Instructions 製作方法

  1. Mix the dry ingredients (flour, salt, cream of tartar) in a large mixing bowl. Make a well in the center. 把乾的材料(麵粉、鹽、塔塔粉)倒入大碗中,混在一起,中間弄一個洞。

  2. Pour cooking oil, hot water, and essential oil (optional) into the well. [Note: You may also add food coloring here, which might seem cleaner to some people. Our family do not make a lot of play dough at a time, so we are adding food coloring at Step 4.] 把食用油、沸水和精油(非必須)倒入洞中。〔注意:你也可以在這裡加入食用色素,這樣對某些人來說沒那麼髒。我們家每次沒有做很多黏土,因此在步驟4才會加入色素。〕

  3. Stir then let stand for at least five minutes. [Note: The dough might look too moist at the beginning. Just let stand for some time so that the salt will absorb the moisture. If it really is too sticky in the end, add a little flour.] 攪拌材料,然後閒置最少五分鐘。〔注意:黏土一開始看起來比較濕,但大家不用急著加麵粉,只需讓黏土閒置,黏土中的鹽會慢慢吸收水分。到最後如果真的是太濕了,可加一點麵粉。〕

  4. Add food coloring/glitter/sand (optional). 加食用色素/閃粉/沙(非必須材料)。

  5. Knead the play dough and play! 捏捏、搓搓,然後就可以玩了!

How to Store the Play Dough 如何儲存黏土

We put our play dough in a sealed glass container (see the picture below) and place it in a cool, dry place. Some people suggest putting it in the refrigerator, but the dough became too moist for us. 我們把黏土放在有蓋的玻璃容器(見下圖),並放在陰涼的地方。有人建議把黏土放在雪櫃(冰箱)內,但我們覺得這樣黏土變得太濕。

Homemade play dough can last for at least a month. We played ours for more than two months last time. 自家製黏土可以使用至少一個月,我們家上批黏土玩超過兩個月。

This is how much our recipe creates 這是我們製作出來的分量

Play Tools 玩黏土的工具

Basically, kids can play with play dough for a long time with their bare hands. But if you want to add more fun, you may use real kitchen tools such as cookie cutters and rolling pins, or other tools such as rulers and bottle caps. 基本上,小孩徒手就可以玩黏土玩很久,但是如果你想增添趣味,你可以使用廚房工具(如餅乾切割刀、麵棍),或其他工具(如尺子、瓶蓋)。

How to Keep Your Artworks 如何保存你的作品

Dear Daughter made a purple cat and many shoes 女兒做了一隻紫免貓和很多鞋子~

Although the dough will eventually dry out when left in the air, it might go mouldy. Instead of air drying, put your artworks in a preheated oven. Bake at 250*F (120*C) until dry. The amount of time depends on how big your artworks are. Check the oven constantly after the first 15 minutes.

Paint your works after baking. Then, you may also apply a glossy or matte varnish to protect your works! (Don't forget to use the varnish in a well-ventilated area, and ask your child to stay away from it! It smells bad and is harmful when breathed in for a long time.)

Have fun! 希望你們玩得開心~

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