DIY Dance Lion for Lunar New Year 自製舞獅

Updated: Jan 10

I love watching lion dance during Lunar New Year. Last year, my daughter and I made dance lion hand puppets to do our own lion dance. This year, she is old enough to do a more exciting craft project with me! 我喜歡在農曆新年看舞獅!去年,我和女兒製作了舞獅手偶,今年她大了一點,可以和我做一個更好玩的手工玩意!

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Books 書籍

For every craft we make, we start with reading some books. Here are a few good Lunar New Year books that talk about dance lions: 每次做手工前,我們都會看相關的書。下面是有提及舞獅的好書:

With photographs and easy wordings, Celebrating the Chinese New Year by Barbara Linde (2020) is suitable for young readers. It talks about all basic things you need to know about Lunar New Year. 《Celebrating the Chinese New Year》(2020) 使用照片和簡單的文字,適合小讀者。它包含所有農曆新年基本要知道的事。

Celebrating Holidays: Chinese New Year by Rachel Grack (2017) is simple and clear. They use illustrative photographs and teach the Chinese Zodiac and how to make red packets. It also talks about all basic things you need to know about Lunar New Year. 《Celebrating Holidays: Chinese New Year》(2017) 簡單清晰,照片和文字配合很好,還有說明十二生肖和教小朋友製作紅包。它包含所有農曆新年基本要知道的事。

My daughter just loved Grace Lin's Bringing In the New Year (2013) when we first read it to her. She was two then. She liked the bright and colorful pictures and the long dragon pages. 我們第一次和女兒看《Bringing In the New Year》(2013),她就愛上這本書了。那時候,她是兩歲。她喜愛這本書色彩繽紛、鮮豔奪目,還有那長長的舞龍!

Chelsea in Chelsea's Chinese New Year by Lisa Bullard (2012) celebrates Lunar New Year in the United States. It feels warm learning about the festival through Chelsea's experience. The book even touches on how the festival was brought to California, where we are living. 《Chelsea's Chinese New Year》(2012)中的Chelsea在美國過農曆新年。透過Chelsea的經歷感受新年,令人感到溫暖。書中略略提到農曆新年是怎樣傳到加州的(我們住在加州啊)。

Videos 影片

Since lion dance is a dance, I have shown my daughter videos so that she knows how these lions dance and what the music is like. My daughter said the music was too loud last year, but she likes it this year. I love lion dance music! 由於舞獅是一種舞蹈,我們看了一些影片以了解舞獅的舞蹈和音樂是怎麼樣的。去年女兒說音樂太吵,今年她就喜歡上了。我喜歡舞獅音樂!

There are two main kinds of Chinese dance lions. The ones we watch are from the south—the Southern Lion (南獅). 中國舞獅大概分兩種,我們家看的是南獅。

Below are two good videos I have shown her. We ran the videos in the background while we made our lion. 下面是我們看的影片,我們邊做手工邊「看」(主要是聽啦)~

The following is a cute animation about lion dance:

Our Craft Project 做手工嘍!

We started this dance lion project because we had too many cardboard boxes! We chose a cubic one with flaps. The flap makes the mouth easier to make. 我們要做舞獅手工,皆因家中紙箱子太多!我們找了一個方方正正的,還有封蓋摺板(flap)。封蓋摺板會使我們做獅子口的時候簡單一點。

Cut a hole for the mouth. 剪一個洞口當嘴巴。

Next, cover the box with whatever color you like. They say red represents luck in the Chinese culture, but I have seen dance lions in different colors. We cover it 然後,蓋上你喜歡的顏色。大家說在中國文化中,紅色化表幸運,不過,我差不多什麼顏色的舞獅都見過。

While I cover my box with construction paper, my daughter cut out small pieces of paper to decorate the dance lion. Some children like to tear paper, which will make the art beautiful too. It is just my daughter likes using scissors. I was glad she used the wave-cut scissors and created some irregular shapes. (Speaking of scissors, these wave-cut scissors are from the first set of scissors I bought for my daughter. As an adult, I found it hard to use. My daughter, about 1.5 year old then, was frustrated because she did not cut anything out with the scissors. Then, I bought her some metal scissors. She immediately succeeded! What I wanted to say is plastic safety scissors are not a must.) 我用手工紙(construction paper)鋪底色的時候,我女兒就剪紙碎裝飾紙箱。有些小孩喜歡用手撕紙,效果會很好,只是我女兒喜歡用剪刀,所以我們家用剪的。這次慶幸的她用了波浪紋剪刀做了一些不規則的形狀。(這波浪紋剪刀是我第一批買給女兒的安全剪刀的其中一把剪刀。我作為成年人覺得非常難剪,那時女兒一歲多,也剪不到什麼,於是我直接買金屬的,她一下子就剪出東西,很高興呢!)

I drew wavy lines for my daughter to put the small pieces on as dance lions always have the wavy lines. 我在底紙上畫了波浪紋讓女兒貼紙碎,因為舞獅身上都有波浪紋。

I did not expect the hardest part to make was the eyes. It took us quite some time to look for different sizes of circles. My daughter liked to trace the circles. 沒有想過最難做的是眼睛。我們花了好些時間找不同大小的圓形。女兒喜歡用工具畫圓形。

Our dance lion has a tail! 我們的舞獅有尾巴~

People dot the lions' eyes with black brush to make the lions alive. We also dotted the eyes, haha—but with our silver brush pen. 別人會用黑色毛筆為舞獅點睛,使舞獅動起來。我們家也來點睛,用的是銀色畫筆水筆,哈哈。

Do you like lion dance? Have you made your own dance lion too? Feel free to leave a comment below, or share your work with us on Facebook/Instagram! 你們喜歡舞獅嗎?你們也自製舞獅了嗎?歡迎在下面留言,或在FacebookInstagram上和我們分享!

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