Character Recognition Practice Through Storytelling and Digging 認字尋寶故事遊戲

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

This digging activity takes only a few moments to set up and can easily be used for different levels of difficulty. It can also be used in mixed age learning groups, too. 這個尋寶遊戲可以調整深淺,又適合混齡(mixed age)教學,而且容易預備!

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Materials needed 材料:

  • Sensory bin 感官桌: Any big container works. (I use our baby bathtub—you may check the Amazon link below) 任何大容器皆可(我們家用嬰兒浴盆)

  • Filler 裝充物: Try different things—e.g., rice, beans, cereal, shredded paper, water beads, sand, biodegradable box filler, etc.! (I used beans and grains that I had stored for too long... ) 多用不同的材料,例如米、豆、穀類早餐、穀粒、紙屑、水珠、沙子、可分解包裝膠粒等。(我家用擺放了很久的豆子和穀物......)

  • Tools 工具 (optional 非必要): e.g., shovels, spoons, measuring cup, tongs 如鏟、匙、量杯、鉗子等

  • Character/word cards 字咭 (I didn't even use cards. I wrote them on paper. 我沒有寫在咭上,寫在紙上也不錯。)

How to Play 玩法:

  1. Set up the sensory table 預備感官桌

  2. Prepare character cards: It will be meaningful writing practice if learners write the words/characters themselves. 預備字咭:讓孩子或學生自己預備字咭,這會是個很有意思的抄寫練習

  3. Put the cards in and play! 放入字咭就可以開始了!

You may introduce new characters before this activity, or you can use this activity for review. 你可以在這個活動前介紹新字,或者用這個遊戲複習已學的字。

The simplest form of this digging activity is to tell your children/students that some treasure characters are hidden in the ground (i.e., the sensory bin) and they have to dig them out. Ask them to read aloud each character when it is found. 最簡單的玩法是讓孩子/學生把埋在地下(感官盆)的寶藏找出來。他們每找到一個寶藏,就要把字讀出來。

If you feel like it, make up a simple story for the characters you want your children/students to learn! 你也可以為孩子/學生要學的字詞編一個故事情節。

Example 例子:

今天我想增加趣味性,所以簡單編了個故事情節。我說,我找到「火」了,字咭著火了,讓女兒幫忙找「水」撲熄火種。這個時候,我給女兒看一看個「水」字。由於很想撲滅那些火,我女兒立刻就認得「水」字,幫忙找出「水」字咭!其實「火」也是新字,我們交換角色玩一玩,發現她連「火」也記住了。 Today, I made up a simple story to shake things up. I told my daughter that I found "fire"「火」: the card was on fire and she had to find "water"「水」to put out the fire. Then, I showed my daughter the character "water" 「水」. She was so eager to put out the fire that she learned the character within seconds. In fact, "fire" 「火」was a new word for her, too. When we switched our roles, I found that she had already learned "fire" 「火」as well.

Putting out "fire" with "water" 用「水」滅「火」

Rationales 理念:

  • Young children love sensory play! 小孩都愛感官遊戲!

  • Stories make the activity more meaningful. 故事使這個尋寶遊戲更有意義。

Variations 變化:

  • Changing the level of difficulty: Prepare words that are suitable for your children/students. You may even have words instead of characters on the cards.*調整深淺程度:按孩子/學生的程度預備字咭就可以了。除了字,你也可以預備詞語。

  • Mixed-age teaching: Have different children look for different words/characters. For example, have an older child look for 「消防員」"firefighter", 「滅火」"putting out fire" and 「幫忙」"help", while a younger child looks for 「水」"water", 「火」"fire" and 「人」"person". *混齡教學:讓不同程度的小孩找不同的字詞合作完成任務(例如大小孩找「消防員」、「滅火」、「幫忙」,小小孩找「水」、「火」、「人」)。

Remarks 備註:

Please note the mess it can create. You may do this activity outdoor or just be prepared to clean up together after the activity! 要注意的是玩沙子、豆、紙屑等會把地方弄髒。作好心理準備,遊戲後要一起清理,或者你也可以選擇在室外玩!

My daughter is really into learning how to read and write. I will share more games we play later. 由於女兒想學字,接下來我會跟她玩很多遊戲。下回再和大家分享了!

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