Autumn Books in Chinese/English 中英語秋天書籍

I know it might be a tad too late to talk about autumn—Bay Area has already been chilly! But the fall colors are vibrant, and there is autumn every year! I am putting together this list also for our family so that we can re-read some of these good books next year (and also the year after?). And I will surely update this list when we read more good books. [We had some good reads last year, but it is not easy to look for them again without writing it down!] 我知道我可能有點遲。。。灣區已經陣陣寒意。。。不過,這裡秋天的顏色還是很美,而且每年都有秋天!我打算明年(還有後年)還會再看其中一些好書呢!以後我們再遇到好書,也會回來更新這一頁~[去年讀過些好書,但沒有記下來,很難把它們找回來啊!]

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When we teach our daughter about an occasion, our family usually starts with non-fictions before we do stories. 當我們要讓女兒學習一個特別日子或節日,我們通常從紀實圖書開始,之後才一起看故事。

Non-fictions 紀實圖書

Awesome Autumn by Bruce Goldstone

Honestly, this is my favorite of all books we have read this fall! It has all the important information about fall such as when it is, shorter days, what we wear, and why leaves change colors. As a language teacher, I love the parts about how autumn feels, how it tastes, and how it sounds. The book also talks about Halloween and Thanksgiving briefly and provides ideas about autumn activities. I am going to buy the other books in the series! (I might add Chinese translation to the books so that Dear Daughter can also talk about fall in Chinese.) 坦白說,這是我這個秋天的至愛!它包含了所有有關秋天的重要知識,例如什麼時候是秋天、日照時間短了、我們穿什麼及為什麼樹葉會變顏色等。作為語文老師,我更愛它有關秋天的感覺、味道和聲音部分。這本書還簡單介紹了萬聖節和感恩節,也提供了秋天活動的建議。(我想,我可能會把中文翻譯加到書中,讓女兒可以用中文談論秋天。)

Counting on Fall by Lizann Flatt & Ashley Barron

Counting on Fall has everything: rhymes, lovely art and math fun. In the end, it even includes nature notes about animals and plants that appear in the book. We are definitely going to read the rest of the series about other seasons! 這本書押韻,有可愛的圖畫,還有有趣的數學小遊戲!最後,作者更向讀者介紹把書中的動物和植物。我們家肯定要看系列中的其他季節!


With short kid poems, this lovely non-fiction discusses fall from different perspectives such as weather, animals, plants, food, and activities. Published in Taiwan, the book provides ZhuYin to help young readers read independently and, interestingly, allows the reader to understand fall from a different cultural point of view. 這本可愛的紀實圖書附有兒童短詩,讓年輕讀者容易記得秋天的特徵。編輯讓讀者從多角度認識秋天,包括天氣、動物、植物、食物和活動。這本書台灣出版,附有注音讓小讀者自行閱讀,內容跟英語書籍非常不同,可以作有趣的文化討論。

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Fictions 故事書


This title in the popular series of the 14 mice is all about fall. Allow the little mice to take your family out for a lovely fall nature walk! 受歡迎的十四隻老鼠系列有這麼有關秋天的一本書~讓小老鼠帶著大家去親親秋天吧!

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My Autumn Book by Wong Herbert Yee

In rhymes and first-person narrative, My Autumn Book takes the reader to see the signs of fall. Details about the animals and plants will easily remind young readers what they have learned about the season. They might even like to make an autumn book like the character. 作者用啷啷上口的文字和第一人稱帶讀者看看秋天的變化。書中動物和植物的部分可以讓小讀者輕易想起有關秋天的知識,他們或許還想學主角一樣做一本秋天書呢!

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海山線電車:神祕畫家間瀨直方(Fantasy 奇幻)

An artist paints mountains and hills red and yellow and changes the colors of greenery. Japanese author and illustrator 間瀬なおかた creates this lovely fantasy story with down-to-earth illustration style. I also like that there are some traditional Japanese elements in the book. If your family has read about what fall is like in reality, maybe it is fun to compare reality with the fantasy presented in this book! 間瀨直方的《海山線電車:神祕畫家》以夏末初秋為背景,故事中畫家把綠山變成紅色和黃色,很奇妙!喜歡故事書樸實的畫風與比較傳統的日本風貌~與小孩子讀過秋天是怎麼樣,不妨用這個故事與現實的秋天比較。

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If you have other good recommendations, please let us know. We don't want to miss any good books! 如果大家有其他好書,記得和我們分享。我們不想錯過任何好書啊!

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