Our Picture Book: An Amazing Journey 我們的繪本:奇妙的旅程

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My dear daughter, Abrielle, created this wonderful story when she was 34 months old. I have turned her story into a real story book for her birthday! This page will include her original story, my interpretation of her language learning progress, audio recordings (in Mandarin, colloquial Cantonese, written Cantonese, and English), book previews, and pronunciation guides. 女兒邇蓁剛三十四個月大時創作了這個很棒的故事,我把她的故事出版成正式的故事書給她作為生日禮物!此頁包括她的原創版本、我對她語言發展的分析、故事的普通話、廣東話口語、廣東話朗讀和英語錄音、試閱影片及拼音。

The published book is written and illustrated by my daughter Abriell Lai and me. 這本書的文字和繪圖是我和女兒賴邇蓁合作的成品。

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A Story Created During COVID-19 疫情中的創作

Abrielle told this story during the shelter in place amid the uneasy COVID-19 pandemic. You may notice some anxiety in the story. I try to keep Abrielle's original story as much as possible, but I have also created some companions for the main character to offer some comfort. 邇蓁講這個故事的時候正是COVID-19瘟疫時。或許你也會留意到故事中的主角有些不安。我盡量保留了邇蓁原本的版本,不過,我也為主角創造了一些同伴,希望能給邇蓁或讀者帶來一些安慰。

Abrielle's Original Story 原本的故事

[Abrielle told me her story in Cantonese and English. The first part is in Cantonese. 邇蓁是用廣東話和英語講這個故事的。故事的第一部分是廣東話。]

從前,有一個小孩......變大......變小...... 有一天......

Translation: Once upon a time, there was a child... s/he turned big... [note: there is no indication of gender in spoken Cantonese]

[I did not write this part down and forgot what she said. It was until a while when I found her story interesting that started to write it down for Abrielle. 我沒有記下這一部分,所以都忘記她說了些什麼。我是聽著聽著,覺得她的故事有趣,才開始記錄她的故事。]


Translation: S/he ran fast! Thump! It hurt! S/he sat down and cried. Ouch! May I sit here? Sure, because there is no one around. "I am mad! I am sad!" S/he thought s/he was happy. S/he didn't know s/he was unhappy. S/he ran and ran and ran. S/he fell again. Thump! S/he cried. "Where are you hurt?" "Here. My hand hurts. Ouch!"


Translation: S/he ran and ran and ran. S/he saw people, so s/he stopped, because there was not much space.


Translation: S/he rowed a boat. S/he rowed and rowed and rowed. There were people, so s/he stopped. S/he ran and ran and ran. There were people everywhere! Someone bumped into her. Bump! S/he fell. S/he cried.


Translation: S/he wanted to look for big alligators. She looked and looked. Alligator!


Translation: That was a baby alligator. Baby alligator had a small mouth and sharp teeth.

小孩害怕了,他跑開了!他跑呀跑,怎料,小鱷魚又出現!他又跑跑跑,砰嘭,又跌倒了,他哭。有一個大嘴巴出現!小鱷魚不知道...... [Abry started to mix Cantonese with English here. I missed what she said here.] 那是什麼?It's a big fish! (那是大魚!)小鱷魚回家,牠安全了。小孩也回家了。

Translation: The child was frightened. S/he ran away! S/he ran and ran. Surprisingly, the baby alligator appeared again! S/he ran and ran and ran. Thump! S/he fell. S/he cried. There was a big mouth! Baby alligator didn't know... [邇蓁開始中英夾雜。有一部分,我沒有聽好。] What was that? It's a big fish! Baby alligator went home. It was safe. The child also went home.

[該午睡了,我問邇蓁故事結束了嗎,她說:「還未,還有最後一頁。」然後她用英語繼續講她的故事。It was naptime. I asked Abry if she was done with her story. She said, "Not yet, there is one last page." Then she continued her story in English.]

That night... [I was too excited when I heard "That night", so I missed a little part here.] he was not only one person, and many people love me. I'm a happy person. It was an amazing journey!

中文翻譯:那天晚上... [我聽到「那天晚上」好興奮,所以又沒有聽好一部分。。。] 他不是一個人的。很多人愛我。我是個快樂的人。這是趟奇妙的旅程!

還有一首歌! [然後她開始唱自己創作的歌。這是我在故事後面加了一首歌的原因~]

Translation: And there is a song! [Then she started to create and sing her own song. That is why I added a song to the end of the story.]

Abrielle's Language Learning Progress


What do young kids learn before reading and writing? 小孩讀寫前學懂了什麼?

Although this is only an analysis of Abrielle's language learning development, I am hoping you will get some ideas what your very young child/student is learning even when they do not read or write yet. Even though Abry asked me to teach her to read and write, I am not rushing it because I know without the distraction of deciphering writing codes, she learns the subtle nuances in languages. What we do most of the time are reading, playing, exploring, and chatting (She often asks me to sit by her to chat with her, haha). 雖然這是我對邇蓁的語言學習進度的分析,但是我希望大家也可以看看幼童還不會讀寫的時候能學到什麼。邇蓁很想學讀寫,但是我沒有衝衝衝,因為我知道,沒有花精力應付讀寫,她更能學到一些語言中奧妙的地方~我們大部分時間都是閱讀、玩、探索和聊天(她常常讓我坐在她的旁邊,說要聊天)。

Vocabulary: Abrielle used some good vocabulary such as adjectives (e.g., sad), onomatopoeia (e.g., Bump!), and connectors (e.g., so, surprisingly).


Elaboration: Abrielle tried to describe or explain what she was telling. For example, without prompting she said that the baby alligator had a small mouth and sharp teeth. That was impressive! As an ESL/CSL teacher, I know idea development is a difficult issue.


Text structure/development: Abrielle seems to have grasped what the structure of a story is like. She starts with "once upon a time" and "one day", and ends with "that night". She also insisted on giving a proper closing when I urged her to nap.


Rhetorics: Abrielle has used some storytelling techniques in her own story: repetition, questions for audience, and dialogue.


Enjoyment texts bring: I am glad Abrielle is mesmerized by reading. I am sure she will continue to see the beauty of different languages, feel the fun that texts create, and be amazed by how texts can inform readers and communicate messages. We have to believe that writing is meaningful in order to become fluent writers!


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Audio Recordings 錄音

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  • Cantonese Reading 廣東話朗讀

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Traditional Chinese & Cantonese Narration (With Original Cantonese Song) 繁體中文+廣東話旁白(附原創兒歌)

Traditional Chinese & Cantonese Reading (With Original Cantonese Song) 繁體中文+廣東話朗讀(附原創兒歌)

Traditional Chinese & Mandarin 繁體中文+普通話

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Pronunciation Guides 拼音

Pronunciation guides will be uploaded to here. 拼音將會加到此處~

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