Our Picture Book: An Amazing Journey 我們的繪本:奇妙的旅程

Updated: Jan 21

My dear daughter, Abrielle, created this wonderful story when she was 34 months old. I have turned her story into a real story book for her birthday! This page will include her original story, my interpretation of her language learning progress, audio recordings (in Mandarin, colloquial Cantonese, written Cantonese, and English), book previews, and pronunciation guides. 女兒邇蓁剛三十四個月大時創作了這個很棒的故事,我把她的故事出版成正式的故事書給她作為生日禮物!此頁包括她的原創版本、我對她語言發展的分析、故事的普通話、廣東話口語、廣東話朗讀和英語錄音、試閱影片及拼音。

The published book is written and illustrated by my daughter Abriell Lai and me. 這本書的文字和繪圖是我和女兒賴邇蓁合作的成品。

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【繁體中文/英文版 English/Traditional Chinese】

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【简体中文/英文版 English/Simplified Chinese】

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A Story Created During COVID-19 疫情中的創作

Abrielle told this story during the shelter in place amid the uneasy COVID-19 pandemic. You may notice some anxiety in the story. I try to keep Abrielle's original story as much as possible, but I have also created some companions for the main character to offer some comfort. 邇蓁講這個故事的時候正是COVID-19瘟疫時。或許你也會留意到故事中的主角有些不安。我盡量保留了邇蓁原本的版本,不過,我也為主角創造了一些同伴,希望能給邇蓁或讀者帶來一些安慰。

Abrielle's Original Story 原本的故事