Piano Lessons 鋼琴課

Cindy Sin Yee Chau, ATCL​​

  • Associate (ATCL) Piano Performance Diploma, Trinity College London

  • Piano (Grade 8), Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

  • Music Theory (Grade 8), Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

Current location: San Francisco Bay Area

Email: sinyeechaulai@gmail.com

Areas of instruction offered 課程內容:

  • Private piano lessons (technique and sight-playing) 鋼琴課(技巧與視奏)

  • Music theory 樂理

  • Ear-training 聽音訓練

  • Music appreciation 音樂賞識

  • Performance 演奏

  • Composition 創作

  • Church pianist 教會司琴

Role of students 學生角色:​

  • Students are responsible for their own success in the learning process. They should practice their full assignment and bring all the materials needed to lessons - i) music journal, ii) pencils/pens, and iii) all books currently in use.
    ​學生必須為自己的學習進度負責。學生應當練習所有的作業,也應該攜帶所有課堂需用的去上課--i) 音樂記事簿、ii) 筆 和 iii) 所有課本。

  • Students should review all items listed in the music journal as it serves as a guide to practice and learning. Feel free to write down how you feel or questions you have during practice.

  • Piano practice tips 練琴小提示:

  1. Before practice make sure your fingernails are trimmed and your hands are clean.

  2. Make practice a habit - practice at a fixed time!

  3. It is better to practice little on different days than cram an extra long session before your lesson.

  4. Stay focused! Stay away from television, cell phone, snacks or a book you are reading. 

  5. Set do-able goals for each practice, e.g. practice this piece 7 times today, be able to play this piece smoothly.

  6. Expect difficulties and repetition. Musicians do NOT play perfectly when they practice.
    接受自己:學習過程中必定有困難、反覆練習。 音樂家練習時,都彈得不完美。

  7. Have fun! And enjoy the music!

Parental/Guardian involvement 家長/監護人的參與:

  • Help students make practice a part of their daily routine.

  • Provide a quiet environment so that students can focus on their practice.

  • Show appreciation. (Never tease!)

  • Find some time to listen to the student’s “performance” at home.

  • To help students' practice effectively, parents/Guardians should provide a well-tuned piano (at least once a year) and a metronome. 為了讓學生更有效的練習,家長/監護人應該提供拍子機和音準的琴(鋼琴最少每年調音一次)。​

  • Do not hesitate to talk to me if there are any concerns or questions.


Reschedule / cancellation policy 改期/取消:

  • Ms. Cindy will schedule the next lesson with the student at the end of each session.
    每次課堂結束時,Ms. Cindy會與學生訂下下一次上課時間。

  • Schedule changes or cancellation should be made with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice except for emergencies. (This also applies to me.) We will then work together to find a time to make up the lesson. 如若改期/取消原定的課堂,請提前在48小時或以前通知Ms. Cindy(此政策也適用於我),我們再一起討論如何補課。

Tuition 學費:

  • Payment is made at the end of each session by cash, Paypal, or Venmo.

  • Lesson fees include teacher’s transport cost and teaching of one lesson, which lasts for 30, 45 or 60 minutes, depending on the student’s age, performance and level. Please note that piano books or other materials are not included. ​學費包括老師的交通費和每次30、45或60分鐘課堂的費用(課堂時間長短視乎學生的年齡、表現和程度而定);學費並不包括書籍或其他用品。

  • Tuition will be re-examined annually.