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Originally, this site was created for my students only. Then, the pandemic came. I asked casually if there were other families who would like to join us for Cantonese Circle Times. The circles got big, and we shared resources. That was the beginning of the membership system.

You may sign up as a member (free membership for life) on this site. This will grant you access to additional ​learning resources. Some reasons for the membership system: 歡迎登記成為本網站的會員(終身免費)。成為會員後,你可以找到更多學習資源。本網站設會員制的其中一些原因:

  • To establish learning communities for families, parents, teachers, or learners to learn and support each other 為家庭、家長、老師或學生建立學習小組,互相支持

  • To protect our privacy when holding events such as Circle Time 舉辦活動(如圍圓圈時間)時,可以保障我們的私隱

  • To (try to) ensure the resources I share are used for educational purposes only 盡量確保資源只用作學習用途

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