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My daughter loves stories, so I am writing these Easy Readers to help her learn Chinese characters. Hoping to make Chinese learning more affordable and accessible, I am going to share our black-and-white booklet files (pdf) with you for free! 我的女兒很喜歡故事,所以我就寫了這些簡單故事去幫助她認識中文字。我一直希望中文教材可以更普及,不那麼昂貴,所以免費和大家分享我的黑白小書檔案(pdf)!


Instructions: Print on both sides. Under the Layout tab, choose "Flip on Short Edge". My paper size is US Letter. Let me know if it does not work on International A4 paper (I will share this with my sister). 打印方法:雙面印。在「Layout (版面)」欄選「Flip on Short Edge (短邊翻頁)」。我用的是美國"A4"紙,不知道國際A4紙印出來會怎樣,如果效果未如理想,請告訴我啊(我本來也要和我妹妹分享~)!

  1. 上山去 (Going Up the Mountain)

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