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Chinese/English Bilingual Picture
Book Recommendations 中英雙語繪本推介

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When children are young, it is good to show them how to say the same things in different languages. The following picture books are written in one language and have been wonderfully  translated into another language. Please note that I only include those with decent translations. 小孩年紀小的時候,可以多看聽聽不同語言如何形容同一件事。下面的繪本都是被翻譯成中文/英文。(注意:我只推介翻譯得好的版本啊~)

Some of us may go even further to turn the books into a bilingual one by adding another language into the books. I print the text on these clear labels and put them onto our English/Chinese books. I have also started to share some of the texts I typed. You may find them on the Cantonese Storytime Page (members only). 有些家長甚至會把書本製作成雙語書,方便對照。我會把文字打印在這種透明貼紙上,然後貼到我們的中文/英文書上。我開始把我的檔案和會員分享,請看「廣東話講故事時間」一頁(只限會員)。

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission—at no cost to you—if you make a purchase through the link. 注意:文中有行銷推廣連結。當你按下連結購買東西的時候(絕不影響你的價格),我會獲得一點兒佣金。

Elephant and Piggie series 大吉象和小豬寶

The most popular series might be Mo Willems' Elephant and Piggie series. I have never met a child who does not like these best friends. The stories are all written in dialogue. The plots are simple yet meaningful. Children as young as two enjoy the stories as well! When getting older, children will enjoy reading the books all by themselves because of the simple language. It is a great way to learn conversational Chinese/English too. The terrific Taiwanese (Traditional Chinese) version is already out of print. There are different Mainland Chinese versions (in Simplified Chinese), and they are great, too. 最受小孩喜愛的大概是莫威樂的「大吉象與小豬寶」系列,完全沒有聽過小孩不喜歡大吉與豬寶這對好朋友。故事以對話進行,情節簡單但非常有意義。這系列連兩歲小小孩也愛(共)讀,文字簡單,他們長大更可以自行閱讀。書中對話也是讓小孩學習中、英口語的好工具。超級棒台灣版的「大吉象與小豬寶」已經絕版了,中國大陸有不同的譯本,也非常不錯。