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S. Y. Cindy Chau 周嬗儀


Cindy was a secondary school English teacher in Hong Kong. She moved to North America after getting married. She started her first blog DauDingism 豆丁主義, which is about her interesting life and travel experiences. At the same time, she continued to help immigrants and international students with their English. She earned a Master of Art degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at San Francisco State University. She is now an elementary school teacher in San Francisco Bay Area.

Throughout all these years, she has taught all ages—from children as young as three to the 80s. She has also taught piano, music theory, art and craft, Math, and the Bible, too. Now, she also teaches her two children.   



You may contact her here on this site, or email her:

Her TESOL Profile & Portfolio 她的英文教學檔案: 


Dau Ding 豆丁

Believing in small kids, 

Believing in small steps,

Believing in small deeds.


Both dau 豆 (pea) and ding 丁 (a bit) are small. In Cantonese, dau ding means small and is also used to refer to young kids.


Cindy created the character DauDing when she was in high school. She enjoys being a small person on the planet Earth, being grateful for this magnificent world and all the "ordinary" and "extraordinary" people who have made this world an interesting place to live.


Believing in potentials and strengths in learners, her teaching materials and activities have been created with learners in mind, aiming to empower them to become confident, independent learners. 

I am curious and enthusiastic.

I always wonder how different people are living their lives in different places on the same earth.

I hear anger. 

I see disappointment.

I want to help people see their beauty, strengths, and power.


I am curious and enthusiastic.

I pretend to focus on one thing at a time.

I feel that different parts of my brain yearn for attention.

I touch my touchpad…and things are out of control.

I worry I love too little.

I cry when people suffer.


I am curious and enthusiastic.

I understand time is limited and so is life too.

I say: to live, to learn, and to love.

I dream I teach, I write, I create, I parent, and I love.  

I try to prioritize.

I hope I will have fought a good fight, finished my race, and kept the faith.


I am curious and enthusiastic. 

S. Y. Cindy Chau

May 2020

​"I Am" Poem