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Cindy is a teacher and a mom of two. She is back at work now, so her updates could be slow. Subscribe to her newsletter (scroll to the bottom of the page) to get the latest news. 嬗儀老師已重返教學崗位,所以網站更新進度比較慢,請到頁底訂閱通訊以獲取最新消息。


30+ Simple Word Recognition Games


Here is a collection of games with simple concepts and/or sensory play or body movement, which are highly suitable for young children. But you may find that older kids or even adults like these games as well. 以下的遊戲玩法簡單、又刺激觸感或鼓勵身體活動,特別適合小小兒童。不過可能你會發現,這些遊戲連大一點的孩童或成人都喜歡啊!


Although school year ends in early June, I have asked my students to prepare Father's Day gifts for their daddy. My daughter also made one for my husband, and my husband loved the wearable tie! 學校學期於六月初就會完結,但是我讓學生為爸爸們預備父親節禮物。我的女兒也為爸爸做了一條領帶,老公好喜歡這條可以戴的紙領帶!

Notebooks & Journals


Notebooks for practicing Chinese writing 中文筆記本


Our Picture Book:
An Amazing Journey


My dear daughter, Abrielle, created this wonderful story when she was 34 months old. I have turned her story into a real story book for her birthday!

Early Bilingual Explorer:
Mid-Autumn Festival


My daughter still has not gotten the chance to celebrate the festival in Asia yet, so I have created this nonfiction reader with authentic photographs to help her understand why I love this festival.  女兒還沒有機會到亞洲感受中秋節,所以我製作了這本紀實讀本,用文字和照片讓女兒明白我為何喜愛這個節日。